WS17 DCMA Shield Plaques

DCMA Shield Plaques in Solid American Walnut in a classic and distinctive shape. The DCMA Emblem and award dedication copy are applied to your choice of assorted marble colors with decorative border motif. Shield Series Awards are individually packaged in handsome wood grained gift boxes. 


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3D Emblem, Red

Enamel Emblem, No Plate

Enamel Emblem, Blue

Shield Plate Colors
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Product Quantity Discounts
Emblem Type Size Color 1-5 6-11 12+ Qty
Enamel Emblem 8"x10" Red Marble $60.35 $56.58 $54.08
Enamel Emblem 8"x10" Blue Marble $60.35 $56.58 $54.08
Enamel Emblem 8"x10" Green Marble $60.35 $56.58 $54.08
Enamel Emblem 8"x10" No Face Plate $53.53 $51.59 $49.21
3D Emblem 8"x10" Red Marble $65.53 $61.76 $59.26
3D Emblem 8"x10" Blue Marble $65.53 $61.76 $59.26
3D Emblem 8"x10" Green Marble $65.53 $61.76 $59.26
3D Emblem 8"x10" No Face Plate $58.47 $56.53 $54.15
Price $00.00