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Custom Sublimation Plaques

From custom corporate awards to personalized gifts, sublimation is a cost-effective way to create unique, full-color plaques for your organization. Crest Craft offers full-service design and creation of customized sublimation plaques in Cincinnati and across the country.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process by which a custom design is transferred from paper onto metal.

To create a custom sublimation plaque, special ink is used to print a full-color image onto heat-resistant transfer paper. Then, using a special sublimation heat press, that design is stamped onto a metal plate. That press ensures that ink is transferred with full photo clarity, preventing the ink from dotting or bleeding.

Once the design is transferred to the metal plate, it is attached to a plaque, creating a beautiful and unique award.

Creating a Design

When you choose custom sublimation plaques, you can design your own award if you know exactly what you want. Or, you can work with Crest Craft’s team of in-house designers to create a custom plaque using your logo, imagery and specifications. Our experts can help you create a professional look and feel that is tailored to your organization.
Custom sublimation plaques can be professional, fun, funny or light-hearted. Your imagination is the only limitation to what you can do with your awards when you partner with Crest Craft.

Advantage of Sublimation Plaques

With so many options for creating custom awards for your business, nonprofit, agency or team, there are many reasons to consider sublimation plaques. First, they are a cost-effective way to show appreciation and reward performance. Because the process uses heat transfer, the award can be created quickly once the design is finalized. You end up with a beautiful product that is 100 percent unique to your needs, at a fraction of the cost of other types of awards.

Another advantage is the ability to customize. Because the design is transferred from paper, you can choose from an endless array of colors, the plaque can be laid out in exactly the way you want to see it and you can design an award that is completely unique to your organization and to the recipient. You can even include actual photographs. The end result is always beautiful and it is something the recipient will be proud to display at home or at work.

Ready To Create Your Custom Sublimation Plaques?

If you are searching for custom sublimation plaques, Crest Craft of Cincinnati is ready to help. Our team of experts can help you design custom plaques for your business, nonprofit, government agency, law enforcement agency or service organization. Contact our team today to learn more about our nationwide custom plaque services.

From custom corporate awards to personalized gifts, sublimation is a cost-effective way to create unique, full-color plaques for your organization.


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