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Custom Designed Products

We Proudly Supply the US Armed Forces

Crest Craft designs and manufacturers custom emblematic award and recognition products, specializing in the United States Government and Armed Forces markets since its inception in 1946.

Quality Assurance

Fanatical Customer Service

Our team of experts here at Crest Craft of Cincinnati are ready to help. Whether your looking to build a new award program or find a solution to your existing program, we guarantee our mission will be to create the perfect solution.

Customized Award Programs

Solutions Designed for Individual Customer Needs

Whether your company is for profit or non-profit, Crest Craft offers the ability to customize a program around your specific needs. With our ability to combine unique services and products, a custom program can be built to meet your needs.

Product Categories

We strive to only provide high quality products to all our customers. Each product we manufacturer is customized to meet our customer's requirements.

Desk Accessories
These are the desk accessories that crest craft can manufacture

Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaques are a great way

Apparel and Promotional Products
What is Sublimation? Sublimation is a process by which a custom design is transferred from paper onto metal. To

Sublimation Plaques
From custom corporate awards to personalized gifts, sublimation is a cost-effective way to create unique, full-color plaques for your

Challenge, Promotional & Collectable Coins
Challenge coins are special stamped coins about 2 inches in diameter that come in all types of sizes, shapes,

Challenge & Promotional Coins

Metal Deluxe Casting Plaques
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Jewelry – Lapel Pins, Badges, & More!
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Champion Medals & Trophies
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Stationary Products
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Crest Craft’s Guarantee

We Believe That Quality and Service Matter

Whether you are looking for a single product or having a custom designed program built, every detail matters.  At Crest Craft we strive to always provide high quality products combined with fanatical customer.

Our Services

Since 1946 Crest Craft has been cultivating a skill set to provide the services needed to create truly unique and custom awards. Each of our services are utilized to provide high quality products at a price that makes sense.


Wholesale pricing offers businesses below-market pricing on items purchased in bulk. Wholesale pricing can vary significantly but typically, the more of an item purchased, the deeper the discount.

Storage & Fulfillment

. Whether you’re a new business looking to outsource warehousing needs, or an established business with little storage capacity, Crest Craft can help.

Graphic & Product Design

Awards and plaques show recognition and appreciation for a job well done. From personalized plaques to medals and trophies, awards should always match the magnitude of the achievement.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance regulations can govern a product’s ingredients, production methods, waste management, wastewater treatment and more.

Featured Industries

Crest Craft understands that each industry we work with has their own set of requirements. Through utilizing our team's expireince we have the ability to create a custom program to match any industry.

US Armed Forces

Every branch of The United States Armed Forces has a robust culture of awarding service. As an all-volunteer military,


For Profit and Corporation Award Programs In today’s competitive corporate environment, recognition is one of the biggest drivers of

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers make a difference every single day. From the local patrol officers through the federal agents that


Government employees serve the general public in the work they do each day. The culture of government agencies is

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