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COVID 19 Appreciation Awards & Memorabilia

As the COVID-19 virus takes effect, all Americans have experienced daily disruption. While no one is immune to the impact and risk of this global pandemic, there are many individuals choosing to serve the greater good despite a greater risk to their health. We understand the sacrifice involved with being a first responder, and whether limiting time with family, increased exposure to infection, and/or just going over and beyond, we would like to thank you for your dedication and service to this country.

Choose Your Seal:

Customers can choose from one of Crest Craft’s COVID-19 recognition seals or create their own custom variation with the help of our in-house design team.  The seal design can be applied to all types of products offered by Crest Craft, giving our customers the ability to customize any award.  Call Crest Craft now to start building the perfect award,  (513) 271-4858.


Sublimation Plaques & Awards

The process of sublimation begins with a design, either provided by our customer or by Crest Craft’s design team. No other product brings such flexibility in terms of layout and design as sublimation.

Custom Awards for COVID 19 Heros

Perpetual Plaques

Perpetual plaques are a great tool to acknowledge a team effort. These plaques combine the ability to incorporate personalization (brand, logo, company name, etc.) along with a timeless piece that will last forever. Each plaque can utilize an existing design, or work with a Crest Craft team member to create an original look and feel.

Coins and Jewelry

All coins and jewelry pieces are designed to encompass the COVID-19 appreciation spirit. Use as a gift and/or a way to show your commitment and sacrifice during this unprecedented period. Custom coin and jewelry designs are available or choose from any of the styles currently available through Crest Craft.

Personalized Photo Awards

Personalized photo pieces offered by Crest Craft create the ability for a higher degree of personalization. Each piece is manufactured with the utmost of care and attention to detail. Crest Craft stands behind our commitment to quality and will continue to work with our customers until they are 100% satisfied.

COVID 19 Personalized photo plaque and picture frames

Crystal Engraved Awards

Crystal pieces are a great selection for when you want to make a special impression. These solid crystal awards can be laser engraved with any logo and/or messaging. We accept designs submitted by our customers, or a Crest Craft team member can work with you to create a custom engraved presentation.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards are a cost-effective option for showing an individual appreciation. Choose from the many styles already offered by Crest Craft or call to learn how our design team can match you with the perfect award.

Acrylic Covid 19 Awards