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Police Awards & Memorabilia Series

The company of Crest Craft was founded by a World War II veteran creating recognition and memorabilia products for soldiers, many whom continued to rely on Crest Craft’s expertise when accepting civilian careers in law enforcement.  With a long history of providing to both local as well as federal law enforcement departments, Crest Craft is ready to build striking recognition pieces for your best and bravest, emblazoned with your department’s seal or logo.  Whether your department has a production ready design, outdated low quality images only of your department’s logo, or just a concept of something not yet created, Crest Craft’s design team can assist with transforming your design into a high-quality piece that is ready for production.

Custom Face Masks & Gaiters

As the need for facial protection from worsening air quality, dust, vehicle exhaust, and possible more arises, Crest Craft is ready to provide you with customized solutions.  With face masks and neck gaiters produced by Crest Craft, your department has complete control on exactly how you wish to be recognized, both on and off duty.  Facial masks and neck gaiters can be customized to include any information your department wishes, such as seal or logo, name, rank, or to declare simple law enforcement support, allowing officers to quickly identify themselves to anyone.  In addition to adding style to the everyday uniform, facemasks are a decrease an officer’s chance of getting sick and/or spreading germs.  All face masks produced by Crest Craft are manufactured and designed here in the USA.

Jr. Cadet Physical Challenge

The Junior Cadet Challenge Series is designed around children between the ages of 6 and 15 years old.  Beginning with the rank of Junior Cadet, participants are given a set of physical challenges to complete.  Upon the child’s successful completion of the challenge, those overseeing the challenge present an included seal and apply it the challenge plaque, charting the child’s progress.  Complete all seven and challenges and achieve that level rank!

End Of Watch Memorial Plaque

Law Enforcement officers take it upon themselves to do what must be done, a decision with an oft-understated magnitude of risk.  When one falls in the line of duty, the entire community mourns.  With a long history of creating memorials to those who have given everything in service to their communities and country, Crest Craft works closely with law enforcement departments in preparation and production of memorial plaques, taking the utmost care to represent the honor of the sacrifice made by an officer who falls while serving in the line of duty. Crest Craft will create a worthy memorial for departmental brothers and sisters, as well as loved ones and families to be treasured.

Outdoor Dedication Plaques

Recognition for individuals and departments need not always be restricted to inside the office.  Outdoor memorial plaques are a great way to show appreciation for the service of law enforcement officers within a garden, upon the side of a building or beside a walkway; anywhere their influence can be felt.  As with all of Crest Craft’s products, not only do we offer a superior product, but our designers will produce visual mockups to ensure your custom dedication plaque is built around your specific needs.  Each outdoor dedication plaque is manufactured to withstand the elements and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Perpetual Plaques

For any law enforcement department, the branch’s history is a point of pride for its members.  Year after year, officers that go over and beyond in the line of duty leave their mark on the communities they serve, and what better way than to recognize their continued excellence than to list them alongside their exemplary counterparts.  Regardless of the achievement, having your name next to those who led charge is an everlasting way to show appreciation for a job well done.