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Metal Casting Awards

When you want to recognize a job well done, few things capture achievement like a custom metal casting plaque. One of the premier awards offered by Crest Craft, our fine metal casting awards are custom designed to your specifications to provide a truly unique finished product.

Build or Choose a Deluxe Metal Casting

Creating your custom metal casting plaque is an exciting process with Crest Craft. Our team of experts are available to help ensure the finished product meets our customer’s expectations. Whether you have an existing design or are looking for a new custom design, Crest Craft’s team can help. Our design team has the knowledge and experience to ensure our customer’s metal casting exceeds all expectations.

You can learn more about how Crest Craft manufactuers custom metal castings by clicking HERE

Selecting Base and Engraving Plates

After choosing the design of the metal casting award, it’s time to choose the components of the plaque.

Choosing an Engraving Plate
When it comes to metal casting, it is recommended that you choose the same material for both the metal cast design at the top of the plaque and engraving plates. For example, if you would like a gold finish, a gold engraving plate will match nicely. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and Crest Craft’s design team works directly with customers to help ensure a perfect match.

Choosing the Base
The base of a metal casting award is typically wood, and Crest Craft offers a variety of wood bases to choose from. Real wood and a unique shape can add a level of sophistication to an award, but it is the most expensive configuration. For customers who are looking for a less expensive option, there are many varieties of faux wood to choose from. Whatever your specific needs and budget, the design team at Crest Craft will help you choose the perfect base configuration to capture the sentiment of your award.

Finalized Product

Once all the materials, features and configurations of the custom metal casting award are chosen, Crest Craft’s manufacturing and assembly team get to work creating the final product. Each piece is treated as if it were being presented to royalty, which means every plaque will be perfect down to the most minute detail.

Below are just a few examples of finished custom plaques designed and built by Crest Craft. What can we build for you today?